ARDF - Evaluation with

FjwW and SportIdent®

Program features in facts
Program is running on Windows PC with Windows 98 or higher and support
all possible international character sets (Unicode) and the languages
English, German, French, Dutch, Czech, Russian and Polish
Interface to SportIdent BSx6/7/8 stations and WBOX
Extensive possibilities for generation of result lists
Different configuration for displaying and printing of results
Up to 32 contests, each with almost unlimited number of competitors,
parallel evaluation of several competitions on same day
Context sensitive help and additional programs and tools
FjwMap - Planning fox positions, easy provision data for FjwW
FjwLay - Support certificate series printing
DCFGPSvdb - DCF/GPS receiving to set PC clock exactly

These lists can be create
Results of individual and team rating
Special lists with runtimes fox-to-fox, fox sequences, statistics, cooperation and more
Grafical list to compare individual results
Individual lists and finish tickets for each competitor immediately at finish
Speech output (TTS) of results of competitors direct at finish
Total rating, distrikt/ranking(DARC) list of up to 32 contests
Start list and other special lists
Support of certificate series printing

Support for quickly registration of competitors with extensive names data list (more than 6000 entries)
Balloting of start sequence (SPSS concerning IARU also)
Integrated service tool to programming of SportIdent stations and backup of stored data in station
Additional programs FJWDISPL, FjwWdispl to display results on further PCs over network and/or serial interface,
integrated HTTP/DNS server for displaying results in Internet browsers
Additional program FjwMap for detailed plannning of fox locations and keeping the guidelines for all categories, support GPS, NMEA, SRTM ...
Interface to SportIdent-WBOX to transmit fox arrival time stamps, immediate processing and diaplaying these data
Speech output to announce next competitors to start; generation of start beeps
Additional tool to convert any lists into input format of FjwW
Supported languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Czech, Russian and Polish.

Lists can be generate in different formats: Text, HTML(+CSS), RTF, EDAD (data exchange) and CSV
for export to programs like MS-WORD/EXCEL.

Two details of lists as examples

More examples see also on

A practicable configuration for displaying and printing, interface to SportIdent (SI)

References:   The predecessor of FjwW was applyed in all German Championships since 1995 and in 8th World-Championships 1997. This current Window version exists since 2002 and was used at World-Championships 2002 in Slovakia, 2006 in Bulgaria, 2008 in Korea, 2010 in Croatia, at the Region-1-Championships in Serbia-Montenegro 2005, 2009 in Bulgaria, 2011 in Romania and at numerous regional competitions in Germany.

Further details see on   or

Contact relating to FjwW: Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Schade, Berlin
.... relating to SportIdent: AES Arnstadt, Germany

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