ARDF-FjwW is a windows program for using the chip cards system SPORTident® of the AES Arnstadt company and allows time keeping and evaluation of ARDF competitions. A detailed description is here.

ARDF-FjwW - a screenshot

FjwW was used many times directly at ARDF World- and Region1/2/3-Championships 1997, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008...2022 and served for post-evaluations of other WCs and ECs. In Sept. 2022 ARDF-FjwW was used at the
20th ARDF World Championships in Bulgaria and e.g. on the
Region2 Championships in USA 2011 and the
Region3 Championships in Australia 2011

FjwW support languages English, German, French, Dutch, Czech, Polish and Russian.
The program was successfully used many times at German ARDF competitions as well as in 24 countries: Australia, Belgium, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep., Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine and USA.

FjwW offers a comfortable display of the current results at any moment during the competition with the Internet Browser on an unlimited number of computers. Here you can see an example.

Beginning with version 8.3 FjwW is unicode and thus able to use all possible international character sets, such as Cyrillic, Arabic, Korean, East- and North-European special characters and so on (screenshot of Dutch language version at the left side).
ARDF-FjwW in pictures
Here, a description about ARDF-FjwW is currently being developed
Description about ARDF-FjwW,
that describes the usage and the possibilities of the program and the additional tools, primarily by pictures with accompanying text. The description will be extended continuously.
Sorry, in the moment it's only in German (looking for a translator to English ...).
The ARDF-FjwW software isn't freeware and can be obtained from the author only.
The complete Help text can be downloaded here as a PDF.

The last version of FjwW, delivered to registered users, is V24.4 ( dated 2.5.2024 .
If versions didn't get to registered users, please inform the author.
This version has the following new features. Here in details.
The 'Name Lists' are splitted into three files for German (4127+49 entries) and international (5421 entries) participants of ARDF competitions and in IARU-R1 nominated international referees (45 entries). Lists also contain stolen, lost and rental SPORTident chips that exist in Germany.
The categories of competitors (also the new W45, W55, W65 of wommens) in the lists are up to date for the year 2024.
The 'Name Lists' enables a faster registration of all participants in FjwW, especially when competitors use their own SPORTident chip.
June 2004
Meanwhile, unfortunately, outdated:
DF1AAA, DO1FOX, DL3YDL made a short instruction that shows the handling of the SPORTident stations and FjwW at ARDF contests. Sorry, only in German.
Aug. 2007
The Ergebnis-Daten-Austausch-Datei (result-data-exchange-file) format is used for passing the ARDF competition results to a third party.
Aug. 2016
Further informations on SPORTident® of company AES Arnstadt at   AES Arnstadt www.sportident.com
Many examples for past evaluations with FjwW are at ardf.darc.de/contest

E.g. results from:

16th World Championships Serbia 9/12 | 17th World Championships Kazakhstan 9/14 | 17th EYAC 2016 Norway 7/16
18th World Championships Buldaria 9/16 | 19th World Championships Korea 9/18 20th World Championships Bulgaria 9/22
Archives of competition data
Here currently being built up a service for ARDF-FjwW-User: Hundreds of German and international ARDF competitions in EDAD format (see above) for usage in FjwW or in other programs which are able to import EDAD.
Year International Championships German Championships Diverse German
District Competitions
2023 WM CZE, WYAC, WCup BUL, NED, BEL GER: RLL 1-4 GER: Districts 2023
2022 WC BUL, WYAC, NED, BEL GER: RLL 1-3 GER: Districts 2022
2021 BUL: EuroCap EM EYAC, NED, BEL GER: DM GER: Districts 2021
2020 BUL GER: DM GER: Districts 2020
2019 NC NED/BEL, BlackSea BUL, EM SLO, NAC NOR, WYAC UKR GER: RLL 1-3, DM GER: Districts 2019
2018 NC NED/BEL, BlackSea BUL, WM KOR GER: RLL 1-3, DM GER: Districts 2018
2017 NC NED/BEL, BlackSea BUL, EM LTU GER: RLL 2/4, DM GER: Districts 2017
2016 NC NED/BEL, WCup BUL, WC BUL GER: DM-FO, RLL 2-3, DM Saarland GER: Districts 2016
2015 NC NED/BEL, EuroCup BUL, EC CZE GER: RLL 1-3, DM Brandenburg, DM-FO GER: Districts 2015
2014 NC NED/BEL, EuroCup BUL, EYAC BUL, WC KAZ GER: RLL 1-3, DM Baden, DM-FO GER: Districts 2014
2013 NC NED/BEL, 4day BUL, EYAC CZE, EC POL GER: RLL 1-3, DM Saxonia, DM-FO GER: Districts 2013
2012 NC NED, 4day BUL, WC SRB GER: RLL 1-3, DM Würtemberg, DM-FO GER: Districts 2012
2011 NC NED, EYAC BUL, EC ROM, R2 USA, R3 AUS GER: RLL 1-3, DM Thür./Franken, DM-FO GER: Districts 2011
2010 POL, BEL, NC NED, WC CRO GER: RLL 1-3, DM Hessen, DM-FO Franken GER: Districts 2010
2009 POL, CZE, ROM, NC NED, NC SWE, EC BUL GER: RLL 1-3, DM Würtembg, DM-FO Bayern/O GER: Districts 2009
2008 NC FRA, NC NED, WC KOR GER: RLL 1-3, DM Thüringen, DM-FO Haltern GER: Districts 2008
2007 EYAC GER, NC NED, EC POL GER: RLL 1-3, DM Franken, DM-FO Erfurt GER: Districts 2007
2006 EYAC POL, NC NED, WC BUL GER: RLL 1-3, DM Schwaben, DM-FO Neubr.bg GER: Districts 2006
2005 EC SCG GER: RLL 1-3, DM Sauerland, DM-FO Potsdam GER: Districts 2005
2004 WC CZE GER: RLL 1-3, DM Saarland, DM-FO Herdecke GER: Districts 2004
2003 EYAC GER, EC POL GER: RLL 1-3, DM Bastheim GER: Districts 2003
2002 WC SVK GER RLL 1-3, DM Thale GER: Districts 2002
2001 EC FRA GER: RLL 1-3, DM Passau -
WC - World Championships, EC - European Championships, EYAC - European Young ARDF Championships
NC - National Championships, DM - German Championships, RLL - German DARC-Ranking Competition, FO - FoxOring
R2 - Region 2 (America) Championships, R3 - Region 3 (Asia,Australia) Championships
FjwMap is primarily a planning tool for ARDF competitions. You can place the locations of start, finish and transmitters on a scanned map (JPG-/GIF-/BMP formats) and calculate the optimal running courses for different categories. Also GPS data of locations can be used. FjwMap can hand over location data to FjwW. A more detailed description is in the help files of FjwMap in English or German.

On www.FjwMap.de currently arise a FjwMap-Wiki !!!

The program can process data of the 'Shuttle Radar Topography Mission' (SRTM, see Wikipedia).
This freely or after registration accessible data is stored on a NASA FTP server. The data provides for a surface of approx. ca. 50x90 or 20x30 meters (Central Europe) the height above sea level in meters.
With loaded altitude data the height is shown for a marked location at its actual position in the status bar.

FjwMap is able to display a recorded running route from a GPS tracker (GPX file format) on the map with simultaneous display of run time, already passed route, currently active transmitter, altitude, average of speed and time-lapse function.

Since V10.11 the track is being displayed permanently. Please download and test it !
FjwMap is able since V13.3.1, by using the SRTM height data (to get for free from NASA server, without registration), to show the height contour of calculated optimum route or of clicked personal route (see small picture below) in the main window. It show also the moving avarage and the total traveled climb in the statusbar.

'Shuttle Radar Topography Mission'
(SRTM, see Wikipedia)
FjwMap is freeware for usage in sectors of non-commercial sport, e.g. Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) or Orienteering (OL). Other usages have to be negotiated with the Author ! The program supports German, English, French or Russian.
The program in the ZIP file is encrypted, see in no encrypted file Pin.txt !
The supplements of the last versions of FjwMap are here.
As examples the maps of the 13th ADRF-World-Championships 2006 in Bulgaria and of the 16th ARDF-R1-European-Championships 2007 in Poland. As example for the new feature of displaying a running route recorded by a GPS tracker here the 14th ARDF-Worldchampionships (Korea 2008) 80-m-competition with the running route of a German competitor in category M21.

Please unpack examples above first.
Error reports to the Author are welcome.
Online GPX Multi Track Display
With this internet link (page developed by the autor)
it's possible to show personally running(walk) route on maps of OpenStreetMap or Google Maps. The tracks have to record with a 'GPS Tracker' and to save as GPX file.

The displaying of one track will be 1-min-colored

Three different competitons of one competitor
on ARDF Worldchampionships Kazakhstan 2014
Tool for FjwW to print certificates after ARDF competitions or universal use.
More detailed descriptions in Englisch.

On www.FjwLay.de arises at the moment a FjwLay-Wiki !!!

The keywords used (e.g. "Vorn" for first name) must also be present in the first line of the loaded CSV file that provides the keyword resolution.

FjwLay enables the creation of a layout for the serial printing of certificates (limited to one page) and the quick production of many or individual printouts.
FjwLay iis freeware if it is used in the leisure sports sector. The program interface is in German, English, French or Russian.
The program in the ZIP file is encrypted, see the unencrypted Pin.txt in the ZIP !
ARDF - Publications
J.Guettlich, DL7VDB, DL5NBZ and other composed a extensive source index about technique, training, tactics, software and... of ARDF.
Antennas of 80-m-Receivers

German Sorry, only in German.
A theoretical comment on dimensioning of antennas for 80-m-Receivers used for direction finding with practical conclusions.
Certificates of ARDF competitions

Who knows the many certificates that were issued at ARDF competitions over the past 50 years ?
Here are over 335 certificates from the collection of the author and others.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to this collection, please send a scan to the e-mail below. Thank you!
Medals of ARDF competitions

Who knows the number of medals which were awarded at ARDF competitions over the past years? Here is a collection of more than 105 medals.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to this collection, please send a photo of the medal to the e-mail below. Thank you!
FCCD Chip Card System
German Sorry, only in German.
This system of time recording at ARDF contests was successfully in action between 1995 and 2002 and was the starting point for the FjwW evaluation program.

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